iPhone SE Pros and Cons Review – A Mid-Range Superstar?

iPhone SE Pros and Cons Review – A Mid-Range Superstar?

Look, I will be honest here. I am pretty much happy with Apple this time. For the very first time, an iPhone is not that overpriced compared to previous ones. The starting price of the iPhone SE 2020 (officially known as the iPhone SE 2) is $399. The handset looks really beautiful, plus it fits in the budget. That’s the reason, I am doing an article for iPhone SE 2020 pros and cons review.

Given the recent situation in entry-level and mid-range markets where most of the smartphone makers make money, I think Apple also wants to expand its target from high-end exclusive to mid-range. That’s the reason why it has come up with a mid-range smartphone. And to be true, it doesn’t surprise me because sooner or later Apple was going to do it. A brand can’t just be just for the rich people. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the iPhone SE 2020 pros and cons review.

iPhone SE 2020 Pros and Cons Review – Price

The iPhone SE 2020 pros and cons review always starts with the price. The new iPhone will be available in three variants – 64 GB, 120 GB, and 256 GB internal storage, priced at $399, $449, and $549 respectively. If we convert the prices into Indian Rupees, the 64 GB variant will cost around Rs 30,000, the 128 GB variant will cost around Rs. 34,000, and the 256 GB variant will cost around Rs. 41,000. The actual price will be revealed when the smartphone will be launched in India in June. So, let’s just wait for Apple!

iPhone SE 2020 Pros Review

Let’s talk about the good things first. Our iPhone SE 2020 pros review is satisfactory in my opinion. The handset does perform well and comes with a decent camera unit. Let’s talk in detail below:

Sleek and Lightweight Design

Remember iPhone 5S, the new iPhone SE 2020 is a bit bigger than that but easily fits in hands. It is sleek and lightweight. If you are used to today’s generation smartphones, which are usually more than 6 inches in size, you might need some time to get used to them. It is small but looks really beautiful. It looks like Apple has taken the body of the iPhone 8 and fit the SE 2020 in that. In short, it looks like a smaller version of the iPhone 8 and is one of the first advantages in our iPhone SE 2020 pros and cons review.

Blazing Fast Performance

iPhones are known for their seamless performance and iPhone SE 2020 is no exception. Apple has used the same processor for its high-end devices which is hexa-core A13 Bionic. It is coupled with 3 gigs of RAM and a 4-core Apple graphics processing unit. In short, this phone is a powerhouse and handles everything perfectly.

Whether you are playing a graphics-rich high-end game or performing multi-tasking, the new iPhone’s performance is up to the mark. I even played PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty to test the device’s heat. The handset does get warm but that’s minimal. The performance is another advantage that we discovered in our iPhone SE 2020 pros and cons review.

Great Camera

Unlike those fancy multi-camera unit smartphones in the mid-range segment, the new iPhone SE comes with a single 12 megapixels rear camera complemented with an f/1.8 lens aperture, optical image stabilization, PDAF, and dual-LED dual-tone flash. At the front, you will find a 7 megapixels camera unit with an f/2.2 lens aperture.

Its camera performance turns out to be both advantage and disadvantage during our iPhone SE 2020 pros and cons review. So, let’s talk about the good things here and keep the bad things for the cons section. The good thing is that its daylight performance is really good. You can take good images under good lighting conditions. Images are usually sharp, color-rich, and full of details.

The same goes for selfie cameras too. iPhone’s front-facing camera is always appreciated for its good performance and the new iPhone is no exception. It captures bright and beautiful selfies.

iPhone SE 2020 Cons Review

After good things, now is the time to reveal what I didn’t like during our iPhone SE 2020 cons review. While we loved its design, performance, and daylight camera performance; we didn’t like its display and low-light camera performance. Let’s talk more about it.

Poor Low-Light Performance

The very first disadvantage we discovered during our iPhone SE 2020 pros and cons review is poor low-light camera performance. iPhones are usually great at capturing low-light photos however, the new iPhone becomes the first exception. Low-light photos are grainy and have less detail. Plus, zooming in would reveal more noise. The images don’t get much better even after using flash. The same goes for selfies too.

Low-Brightness Display

Our iPhone SE 2020 cons review helped us discover one more disadvantage – low brightness. It could be problematic to use this handset outdoors as the screen does not have enough brightness. We set the brightness to the maximum, yet we were seeing the reflection of a light bulb on the screen. Under the open sky, you will see more reflection and you might need to cover the screen with your hand if you are chatting or performing anything that has small texts.

With that said, our iPhone SE 2020 pros and cons review is now complete. We hope it will help you make a good decision if you are planning to buy this smartphone. We are also going to compare it with several other smartphones in near future. So, stay tuned to Gadget2Buy and we will be back with another in-depth article very soon.

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