Sick of the so-called ‘​in-depth’​ reviews that just rattle off spec-sheets, and talk zilch about the real-world performance of the gadgets that they seem to review in detail? Welcome to Flamtach, a digital technology portal unlike anyone you’ve ever seen (or as a matter of fact, will see).

We are not that typical Gadgets Reviewer, but users. We review a gadget only after using it in our day-to-day lives. We use new gadgets as a buyer so that we could find if it is worth its price and then accordingly suggest if it is good for you.

Here at Flamtach, we rigorously test all our gadgets for an extended amount of time, using them as our daily drivers as we do so. We click hundreds of pictures in any and all types of conditions with those fancy dual-camera setups, have those octa-core CPUs and oodles of RAM handle the most demanding of games and multimedia playback/recording test routines, and measure meticulously as those fast-charging batteries go from 100 to 0. Not just that, we pit multiple similar-specced devices against each other, churning out some of the most comprehensive comparative reviews that you’ll find on the internet. And it’s only then, that we decide whether or not these gadgets are really as good as they claim to be, and whether or not they truly deserve your hard-earned money.

Oh, and by the way, we also bring you all the news about the hottest launches in the technology space, exciting rumors and leaks, and a whole lot more of tech goodness!

Although currently focused primarily on smartphones, Flamtach will soon be expanding to cover everything from wearables and accessories to smart home devices and apps.

We welcome you aboard this exciting journey as we bring you the best, choicest and the most-unbiased technology journalism that you’ll find online!

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