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Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) App is New Year gifts have been sent early by PM Narendra Modi in the form of BHIM app. Our Prime Minister does not seem to understand the concept of sit and speculate, a behavior that the opposition parties in India have taken to heart. The PM recently inaugurated a mobile payment app, aptly matching his stature, BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money). The mobile app named after Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, is currently available in Hindi and English and is capable of performing transactions and immediate money transfers from one bank account to another. Read on to know more about the BHIM app and to find the BHIM app download link

How BHIM APP Works

The Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) App uses a simplified method of UPI (Unified Payment Interface) apps, a secure way of transaction and money transfer for the customers. The app uses a simple OTP method for user registration. On successful registration, the app asks for your account details and after registration, you’re good to go. The BHIM application also supports QR code scanning. The app is a godsend for users who are either unaware or skeptical for various apps on the play store (DOWNLOAD).

Prerequisites to use BHIM APP

• Smartphone with Internet access
• An Indian bank account
• Your mobile number should be linked with your bank account. For doing so, please contact your bank.
• Your account has to be UPI activated or you need to have a debit card. To know if your bank supports UPI, click here.
• Download the Bharat Interface for Money app (for Android phones), Bharat Interface for Money app (for Apple iOS phones).

Through Bharat Interface for Money you can make following type of transaction

• Request or Send Money via Payment Address
• Send Money to Aadhaar Number
• Request or Send Money to Mobile number
• Send Money through MMID , Mobile No.
• Send Money through IFSC code, Account No.
• In addition, you can use the scan and pay option for Merchant payments

How o Use BHIM APP

1. Download & install the application and choose your language. The app will prompt you to verify your phone number using an SMS. Click on Next and wait for the verification process to be completed.

2. 3. Once the verification is complete, input a four digit passcode.

4. After a passocode is set, the app will ask you to select your bank. Once the bank is selected, the app automatically picks up your details using your phone number. Select the primary bank account that will be used for all your transactions.

5. The app displays three options — send, request and scan/pay. Transactions are possible only between verified phone numbers.

6. To send money to someone, type in their phone number and the amount to be transferred. The app will prompt you to input your MPIN, usually a four or a six digit code that authenticates a mobile transaction.

7. Likewise, you can request money from someone, using their phone number.

8. The third option, scan & pay, allows users to transfer money using a QR code, a two dimensional black and white barcode which can be decoded by a smartphone or a tablet. Each phone number is assigned a QR code which can be accessed under profile on the home screen.

Downlaod Link

Download the Bharat Interface for Money app (for Android phones)
Download Bharat Interface for Money app (for Apple iOS phones).

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    can you also multimedia screenshot along with the download guide? i’m little confused while deciding if to download or not.

    • May 18, 2018 at 9:49 am

      There is no special thing in it, it is very easy to download the link of the download is mention in the article I have given you can download from here


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