Honor 9 Lite Review Specifications & Price In India

The Honor 9 Lite Huwei sub-brand offers a budget that claims a dual camera setup in both front and rear. With a mirror finish and unique color options, this is definitely an amazing tool to look at. Would this be enough for this affordable smartphone to survive in the already flooded market place? Read on to find out.

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Honor 9 Lite launches Huwei sub-brand surprised among all the other budget-oriented devices released at the same time. These other smartphones include Honor 9i, Honor 7X and Honor View 10, all of which are released in a period of approximately four months. As the name suggests, Honor 9 Lite is a little cut version of Honor 9i and shares many similarities with Honor 7X.

There are two types of Honor 9 Lite a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB onboard storage, and the other with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB onboard storage. I’m using this device’s 3GB RAM + 32GB Memory Edition to do more than a week to figure out how to rent this mobile phone to other claimants in this section of the market.

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Design and Build Quality

This phone does not feel like a budget phone. Currently Rs. 10,999, Honor 9 Lite is a remarkable piece of beauty, especially for its price. The Sapphire Blue Variant I’ve used, has a unique color in it that only catches the eye. Color changes so little in different light conditions, HTC is very similar to what happens in the U11. And likewise, the Honor 9 Lite mirror is a fingerprint magnet back. The back glass was also finished with small scuffs. Respect decided to include a protective case which helps to deal with this issue, but takes away the charm of the phone.

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In addition to the performance of the course, different blue phones surround the entire body of the phone. The sandwiched aluminum frame between the front and back glass has so little ridge that helps with the grip without intrusion on the uninterrupted construction of the phone. This 7.5 mm-thick aluminum frame is covered in shiny paint which makes it easy for a plastic to make a mistake. In addition to a slight camera collision backwards, everything flushes with a glass slab-like body. We also look for the back fingerprint scanner with the “Honor” moniker below.

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On the front, Honor 9Lite plays a 5.65-inch display with an 18: 9 aspect ratio that calls the Honor full view. It seems that now the industry has become standard. Dual front-facing cameras rest on top of the top speaker. Another respected logo sits on the lower chin of the device. The phone is unquestionably beautiful to look at, while its light weight (water intent) is also feeling very strong.


Under the 2.5D curved glass, which covers the entire front of the device, we get a 5.65 inch IPS LCD panel which is definitely completed. Its 2160 x 1080 Full HD + resolution performs remarkably well with its 18: 9 aspect ratio. Even with black boundaries covering the edges of the display, most of the front dominates this screen, while in this form factor it is easy to work too. There was no problem in displaying bright sunlight in the display, thanks to its 570nits lumensense.

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Having an aspect ratio of 18: 9 means that not all apps will be able to take advantage of it properly. However, the Honor 9Light gives you the option of running and dragging the app in full screen, who did not have the basic support to do so. This feature works most of the time. Like many other displays of this resolution, you can pull the standard video to fit the entire display, which cuts parts up and down from the parts. The display itself is very lively and the colors are reproduced well.

Hardware and Performance

The Honor 9Lite is powered by a single quad-core Hyacilicon kiran 659 which is equipped with Honor 7X and Honor 9i – although these costs are significantly higher than the Honor 9 Lite. This 3GB RAM processor is not the worst combination on other budget smartphones. I have now experienced some stator and shock, but overall performance of the device was the same as other smartphones in this value bracket.

They love the power and volume buttons placed on the right. Even if they were kept very close together, even then I did not experience any issue with accidentally hitting the wrong button. The lower firing speaker performed exceptionally well because you would expect this smartphone with any smartphone in this price range. Although many Indian users can not consider this as a total deal-breaker, it is worth mentioning that this device does not come with NFC.

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You get a snappy fingerprint scanner on the back which can also be set to do some other functions. You can swipe it down to bring down the notification panel, and a double tap will clear any notification you have. You can swipe through the images in your gallery and press the fingerprint scanner for long periods and take a picture from the camera app, but I find the images seem quite weak.

With the fingerprint scanner, the phone also provides Face Unlock using Front Camera. I was surprised how well it performed even in difficult situations. In addition to exceptional dark conditions, the phone was able to correctly scan my face. When installing this, Honor throws a disclaimer stating that the Face Unlock is not as safe as you can use.


The camera was one aspect I was hoping to check. Due to the same 13 MP + 2MP camera setup in both the front and rear, it is said to allow hardware-level BOK effects with speed signals. This hardware solution – in theory – software should perform better than post-processing, most phones opt-in, which usually become hit or miss.

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On Honor 9 Lite, I was able to get some very good shots in ideal lighting condition. The camera is fast and will capture accurate images without too much distortion. When the screen is closed, double-clicking on the volume down button will capture the “ultra snapshot” from the back camera so that it can be ensured that you will not be able to miss important moments. The Bokeh effect lightens the background and the detailed aperture mode lets you control the blur effect manually while taking pictures. The latter also changes the focus point and the mood intensity after this fact. You have to be careful with installing haze because there are problems in finding the edge and you can easily cross the wrong topic.

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Battery Life

3,000 mAh battery on Honor 9 Lite has performed well in our testing. It was able to maintain the screen for 6 hours on time with standby time of approximately 34 hours. The average usage will allow you to squeeze the phone’s battery in two days, while for a slightly overuse, you may need to lift the battery overnight. Charging via micro USB. I liked to see the budget phone coming with the USB Type-C in 2018, but this is not a deal breaker for me. Overall, the battery will give you satisfactory results in daily use. You can extend it further by using regular and even “ultra” battery saver mode, as well as many other customizations that allow this phone.

Price In India

Honor 9 Lite Flipkart : 10,999 (BUY NOW)

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