OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

OnePlus is a company which provides unparalleled value for money with their smartphones, at least on paper. And it often translates to the actual user experience as well. After all, each of its flagships comes with high-end specifications at prices that can mostly be considered upper mid-range at best. OnePlus’s previous top end smartphones, OnePlus 5/5T, were fairly successful (especially the 5T) and people have been looking forward to what the company is going to do next.

And so comes the Oneplus 6, the company’s fastest and the slickest looking handset ever. In typical oneplus fashion, it is looking for a premium segment to win with an incomparable dose of performance. Powered by the Snapdragon 845 and a minimum of 6 GB of RAM, the OnePlus 6 responds at the blink of an eye. Yes, it is that quick, for the most part. And for the rest of it, it is as fast as you’d expect any smartphone with what can be described as an assortment of some of the best performance hardware parts available today.

OnePlus 6 is not true though, but it is difficult to argue against its jealousy value for money preparation. There’s a lot going on for this – Qualcomm’s fastest processor, trendy footprint display, main camera equipped with OIS and all this at a mouthwatering cost – probably the only reason to dislike OnePlus 6, or you just do not like Android. Or the phone does not click with you for any reason.

3 - OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

OnePlus 6 Specifications & Features

Specifications Details
Display 6.28-inch Optic AMOLED display, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 front and back
Processor & GPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor | Adreno 630 GPU
OS & RAM Android Oreo 8.1 with Oxygen OS 5.1.5 | 6 GB or 8 GB RAM
Storage 64 GB Or 128 GB/256 GB storage
Primary Camera 16 MP (f1.7) + 20 MP (f1.7)
Secondary Camera 16 MP (f2.0) with auto HDR
Batter Back up 3,000 mAh battery with DASH charger

OnePlus 6 Amazon : 34,999 (BUY NOW)


OnePlus 6 is the most sophisticated looking smartphone from the Chinese phone manufacturer. The front and back is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 while the frame is made out of aluminium. Secondly, the body from the backside curves a bit as it approaches the two sides creating a flowing bodywork overall. The phone looks strikingly beautiful in the Mirror Black finish.

4 - OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

To a bit of our surprise, the OnePlus 6 is not too slippery to hold and does feel reasonably secure to hold. Also, the display with the notch at the top (and curved corners) also adds its own share of contemporariness and seemingly brings a more modern appeal compared to the OnePlus 5/5T.


The phone is fast, yes, but it is the display which is possibly the most talked about feature of OnePlus 6. Even before the launch, there were multiple leaks showing the notched display. How one feels about the notch itself is a matter of personal preference more than anything, it does give the phone a trendy appearance that so many phone makers are vying for right now.

6 - OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

Even if that means that the phone ends up looking like an iPhone X’s cousin (which is the idea of course)! OnePlus does provides the option to turn the notch off making the display appear more typical.

Nevertheless, the display is very impressive and so far, I have only the good things to write about it. The colors are quite full of life and vibrant and now it supports DCI-P3 color gamut as well. To let our viewers know, DCI-P3 is basically a color standard used in the American film industry. This means only one thing – that DCI-P3 supported display, while it may not be the absolute best, is one of the best in business. With 6.28-inch dimensions, there’s plenty of room for viewing and the 1080 x 2280 pixels resolution keeps things sharp.

Screenshot 2 - OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

With the intent of placing the incomparable bang for the deer, it is hardly surprising that OnePlus 6 comes out of the box with the Android Oreo 8.1. It is coated with the Oxygen OS version 5.1.5 on top. This custom skin is quite thin and the user interface keeps the stock appearance more or less. For instance, swiping up on the Home screen brings up the App Drawer. There’s a Google search bar around the top part of the display. Swiping to right brings up the scrollable screen which shows recently opened Contacts as well as Apps.

PERFORMANCE (including Gaming)

The real deal!

This is a demonstration that remains one of the strongest point of any one-plus handset ever launched. And this is also the case with OnePlus 6. This leads us to ponder over the fact that the phone is equipped with the latest and the fastest Snapdragon processor (845) and the best RAM numbers (6 GB or 8 GB).

5 - OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

Performance is snappy to say the least. OnePlus 6 is one of the fastest reactive smartphones that anyone can reach to the most sought-after performance seekers. And this is how it should be, obviously, with the fastest Snapdragon processor onboard along with a minimum 6 GB of RAM. Combine this with the Full HD+ display on a big 6.28-inch screen which doesn’t really push the chipset (including the GPU) to its limits. We would in fact say that OnePlus is smart to provide the Full HD+ resolution instead of going any higher.

Pretty much every user input – to open an app, screen navigation (on Home screen, Settings or an App) – is super fast and there’s no apparent lag or a hint of stutter throughout the UI. Even switching between various open apps (including a graphic heavy game) is not an issue for the most part.


In our one-week use, we would say that the camera is probably the largest area where oneplus 6 needs significant improvements. It is not totally bad, but leaves a lot to be desired in some situations.

Below are some camera samples:

sample 1 - OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

sample 3 - OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

sample 4 - OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

sample 5 - OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

Our observations reveal that there is a general lack of adequate sharpness and detail in all the samples we have taken so far. Secondly, the Exposure appears to be a bit out of control and the color reproduction is nothing very impressive either.

Furthermore, the HDR versions seem to enhance the detail in various images, but it is done at the great expense of noise or the grain effect. Also, the HDR algorithm is unable to control the Exposure and the overexposed sections in the non-HDR images remain so in the HDR images as well.

The most disappointing aspect of the OnePlus 6 camera is the terrible night time performance. It produces truly underwhelming night images and the HDR versions are even worse – there’s ton of noise and the images appear washed out or as if they were a bad painting.

The 16 MP front camera is nothing to write home about either. While the colors are acceptable more or less, there’s too much overexposure in case there’s good amount of light around.

All in all, camera is one aspect where we can say that the OnePlus 6 disappointed us.


Usually, it is the runtime provided by a battery which we are mostly interested in and it shall not be any different in the case of OnePlus 6 either. And the runtime in a single charge is pretty good. The battery is a 3,300 mAh unit which keeps the phone running for about 1 and a half days as long as the usage remains normal with no kind of heavy-duty tasking. Although, some light camera use for clicking pictures is absolutely fine.

2 - OnePlus 6 Overall Review & Features

Funnily enough, it is not the most interesting feature of OnePlus 6’s battery. It is its DASH charger and true to the name, it can charge the phone from 0% to 100% within 1 hour. Yes, you’ve read that right! And in 30 minutes of charge, the phone is up to 60%-65%.

All in all, we are absolutely satisfied with OnePlus 6’s battery life and the short amount of time the battery takes to get charged.

Price In India

Oneplus 6 Amazon : 34,999 (BUY NOW)

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