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Current Prayer Times In Riyadh – Hi Friends my name is Syed MD Anas Owner of this website and today I am back with our Riyadh prayer times. So guys If you are from Riyadh and searching in google and another search engine about Riyadh Prayer Timings then you are at right place. this post is for you to find current prayer times in Riyadh. so guys if you are interested then scroll down and check the current prayer timings in Riyadh.

On the off chance that you have a place with the Islamic world and on the off chance that you are a Muslim, from Riyadh or other Muslim countries it is you are above all else obligation to offer your prayers. Try not to demonstrate any sort of carelessness while offering your prayers. Those Muslims who offer their prayers on a customary and regular routine, they appreciate solid and tranquil lives. They get rewards from Allah. Those Muslims who offer prayers auspicious and routinely, they make their lasting spot in Paradise. On the off chance that you need to remain and live effectively in this world and on the off chance that you need to make your spot in Paradise, you have to return to your petition propensity. You ought to have data about the Islamic petition times. Offer your prayers on times and get religious and otherworldly fulfillment constantly.

Importance Of Prayer Times In Islam

Prayer times is most important in Islam if you are a Riyadh citizen and follow Islam then you already know about prayer timings.

On the off chance that you will offer your prayers on times, you will stay fulfilled constantly. Prayers give you mental fulfillment just as otherworldly fulfillment. They give you harmony and quiet down your body. Those Muslims who offer prayers, they effectively and perfectly handle the day by day undertakings of their lives.

It is said that in the event that you will offer your prayers on times and on the off chance that you will pursue these Islamic petition timings, Allah will be content with you. By offering prayers, Allah will shower His unnecessary and enormous favors on you.

Prayers give you fulfillment. They make you solid and dynamic. Offering prayers is one of the sound activities by a wide margin. They right your stance.

Riyadh prayer times

15:04 am5:14 am6:37 am11:56 am2:56 pm5:16 pm6:46 pm
25:04 am5:14 am6:37 am11:57 am2:56 pm5:16 pm6:46 pm
35:04 am5:14 am6:38 am11:57 am2:57 pm5:17 pm6:47 pm
45:05 am5:15 am6:38 am11:58 am2:58 pm5:18 pm6:48 pm
55:05 am5:15 am6:38 am11:58 am2:58 pm5:18 pm6:48 pm
65:05 am5:15 am6:38 am11:59 am2:59 pm5:19 pm6:49 pm
75:05 am5:15 am6:39 am11:59 am2:59 pm5:20 pm6:50 pm
85:06 am5:16 am6:39 am11:59 am3:00 pm5:20 pm6:50 pm
95:06 am5:16 am6:39 am12:00 pm3:01 pm5:21 pm6:51 pm
105:06 am5:16 am6:39 am12:00 pm3:01 pm5:22 pm6:52 pm
115:06 am5:16 am6:39 am12:01 pm3:02 pm5:23 pm6:53 pm
125:06 am5:16 am6:39 am12:01 pm3:03 pm5:23 pm6:53 pm
135:07 am5:17 am6:39 am12:01 pm3:03 pm5:24 pm6:54 pm
145:07 am5:17 am6:39 am12:02 pm3:04 pm5:25 pm6:55 pm
155:07 am5:17 am6:39 am12:02 pm3:05 pm5:25 pm6:55 pm
165:07 am5:17 am6:39 am12:03 pm3:05 pm5:26 pm6:56 pm
175:07 am5:17 am6:39 am12:03 pm3:06 pm5:27 pm6:57 pm
185:07 am5:17 am6:39 am12:03 pm3:07 pm5:28 pm6:58 pm
195:07 am5:17 am6:39 am12:04 pm3:07 pm5:28 pm6:58 pm
205:07 am5:17 am6:39 am12:04 pm3:08 pm5:29 pm6:59 pm
215:07 am5:17 am6:38 am12:04 pm3:09 pm5:30 pm7:00 pm
225:07 am5:17 am6:38 am12:04 pm3:09 pm5:31 pm7:01 pm
235:07 am5:17 am6:38 am12:05 pm3:10 pm5:31 pm7:01 pm
245:07 am5:17 am6:38 am12:05 pm3:11 pm5:32 pm7:02 pm
255:06 am5:16 am6:38 am12:05 pm3:11 pm5:33 pm7:03 pm
265:06 am5:16 am6:37 am12:05 pm3:12 pm5:34 pm7:04 pm
275:06 am5:16 am6:37 am12:06 pm3:12 pm5:34 pm7:04 pm
285:06 am5:16 am6:37 am12:06 pm3:13 pm5:35 pm7:05 pm
295:06 am5:16 am6:36 am12:06 pm3:14 pm5:36 pm7:06 pm
305:05 am5:15 am6:36 am12:06 pm3:14 pm5:37 pm7:07 pm
315:05 am5:15 am6:36 am12:06 pm3:15 pm5:37 pm7:07 pm

Final Words For Riyadh Prayer Times

So, Guys, This Is Our Riyadh Prayer Times table it will be updated as day by day. If This Post Is helpful for you to getting Riyadh prayer times then guys share this site link with your close besties and family members these riyadh prayer times.

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