Samsung Galaxy On NXT Overal Review And Camera Samples

The number of devices in Samsung’s smartphone portfolio can often be overwhelming. Korean electronics company has a wide range of equipment in India to meet almost every type of buyer with budget and premium equipment. The Samsung Galaxy ON NXT comes here to the budget segment, and Samsung is aiming to offer a device that is easy to use and confident behind on NXT. Samsung is also capitalizing on the influence of its brand to focus far away from specifications.

Keeping this in mind, Samsung is focusing on Samsung has succeeded through our extensive review and analysis of Samsung Galaxy on NXT.

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Build and Design

The Samsung Galaxy ON NXT usually looks like a Samsung smartphone – a 5.5 inch candybar design with a metal back panel and 2.5D curved glass on top. Measures at 8 mm slimness on NXT, and measures 166 grams. The display area of 73.53% means that the bejels are quite thin, and with the thinness of the chassis, the phone looks quite long.

DSC 1111 1024x678 - Samsung Galaxy On NXT Overal Review And Camera Samples

The Samsung Galaxy on NXT feels confident in hand, and well-rounded tablets with body and better details like chrome inlay all around the primary camera, it looks beautiful. Looks like ‘plain’ to some extent compared to the previous other smartphones, although I like muted shimmer on it.

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In the term of buttons and ports, the power / unlock button on the right is before the speaker outlet with the top right corner. The left edge volumes are up and down keys, and there are two tray slots – one single SIM slot, while the other tray contains two slots for the second SIM and MicroSD storage expansion. The bottom edge includes the primary (in this case, only) microphone, a micro USB port and 3.5mm audio port (yes, it still remains).

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In front of the front, the 5.5-inch display is surrounded by two clearly marked capacitive buttons on either side of the physical home button. Fingerprint sensor is also integrated into the Home button, however Samsung Galaxy ON NXT misses a noisy microphone around its earpiece. The Power and Volume Button Feedback are quite decent, though the physical home button has a hollow, plastic feedback that is not completely satisfactory.

In short, the Samsung Galaxy On NXT is well-built, and it has a clear simplicity that will appeal to many users, for which easy to use is extremely important.

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Display

Samsung has enhanced the display resolution on NTTT and now comes with a full HD (1080p) panel. But unlike other J series phones, Samsung has used a TFT panel instead of AMOLED. The display is not as vibrant as the AMOLED panel, but still, it offers to see decent colors and angles. The touch response is also quite good, but it misses again on the ambient light sensor. This means that when you get out, you have to use the outdoor mode in the device.

DSC 1112 1024x678 - Samsung Galaxy On NXT Overal Review And Camera Samples

The phone comes with 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass and the first device in the J series to come with added protection for the display.

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Performance

The Samsung Galaxy runs on the J7 Xinos Octa Core processor at 1.6 GHz and with 3 GB RAM. When we tested the 2016 J7 version, we mentioned that the good performance in J7 was the same as that on the Samsung Galaxy On NXT. The overall performance of the device was good and we did not experience any problems or problems while running the app or switching between apps. But unlike J7, on NXT has a bad gaming experience. We tested some heavy graphics-rich games and had this experience and Samsung’s shift to HD on full HD display on On NTT has not been optimized. The heat produced during the game was very low, but Samsung missed the boat with bad optimization here.

Multi-tasking was very smooth on the phone, we ran several apps including background and the game had about 1.5 GB RAM available.

The phone supports 4G LTE, and when we tested in our place we achieved good speed. The quality of the call on the phone was decent and we did not see any problem with the call. The speaker output was quite decent and the appointment of the speaker is unique because it is placed near the power button. The phone comes with 32 GB internal storage and 24.0 GB of which was available in the first boot. You can extend the storage through the micro SD card.

The fingerprint scanner on Samsung Galaxy On NXT is the first phone in the On Series to play and the fingerprint unit’s display is accurate and fast. It is placed on the Home button, but you need to put a finger on the Home button instead of holding and holding.

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Camera

The 13-megapixel image sensor on Samsung Galaxy On NXT has been added for an F / 1.9 lens. To get started, the camera app itself is also slow to focus on subjects even under the bright daylight. The shutter response is fast, though it is not the fastest in its segment. However, in the case of the quality of the image, the colors are appropriately close to the source. Saturation and contrast levels are maintained well, although the camera is very important area where the camera fails to justify, the image is in details.

20160908 160923 1024x768 - Samsung Galaxy On NXT Overal Review And Camera Samples

20160908 155028 1024x768 - Samsung Galaxy On NXT Overal Review And Camera Samples

20160908 151057 1024x768 - Samsung Galaxy On NXT Overal Review And Camera Samples

20160908 150928 1024x768 - Samsung Galaxy On NXT Overal Review And Camera Samples

20160908 150831 1024x768 - Samsung Galaxy On NXT Overal Review And Camera Samples

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Battery

Nevertheless, while PCmark tests revealed 4 hours and 52 minutes of battery life, real life usage with 3300 mAh battery pack is easy for email, message, browsing, social network surfing, with about 30 hours of daily dose for about 14 hours Navigation, one hour of music streaming and some sporadic gaming.

Our Verdict

Despite the Samsung Galaxy on NXT, despite being a decent decent mid-range Android smartphone, it is not very recommended. The performance is good, but its class is not the best. The camera is tremendous, and although it is well-made and has a decent display in it, Lenovo Z2 Plus and Sheoi Redmi Note 3 are the favorites of the total smartphone. If the camera and battery life are your priorities, then Zenfone 3 laser and Max create a case for themselves.

Samsung Galaxy will also sell NXT offline, and Samsung’s brand presence will be for this, so in reality it will be approved among those users, for whom simplicity is a very important priority. If you are not specific about the brand you choose, then there are better options.

On Nxt Price In India

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Flipkart : 15,900 (BUY NOW)

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