Why A WhatsApp Message Is Crashing Your Smartphones

Now a mysterious message is being leaked on whatsapp, and If you touch on it then your whatsapp hang out, today we know why this is happening

whatsaap crashing - Why A WhatsApp Message Is Crashing Your Smartphones

This message (see the image above) says, “If you touch Black Point, your whitsapp will hang” rounds on whatsapp. Well, according to this message, if a user touches the black spot (or black dot) contained in the message, then they will “hang” the whitespace.

Now it’s not fake, there are many users reporting on whatsapp crash when they touch this black dot. Well, it’s nothing “black dot with black dot” is a bit of a thing. Actually, black dot is also not your reason that your whitespace has crashed. The main culprit is empty space after Black Dot.

When you convert this message to HTML (or Unicode), you will get RLM (right to left icon). It is an invisible directional formatting character (with LRM) used to differentiate between left-to-right text (like English and Hindi) and right-to-left text (such as Arabic and Hebrew).

Now when we use the English language lesson, then its use is directional formatting character LRM (left to right sign), however, in this whitspeed message, RLM is used. This character is used when you are dealing with Urdu language which is written from right to left, like English, from right to left.

Well, since the wrong directional formatting character is used here, it is giving instructions to change whatsapp from left to right to right-to-left direction, which makes the app tremendous and eventually leads to app crash. This change in the direction uses a lot of processing power, so if you are using an old or lower Android smartphone, your whitespace may be stable for a while.

We tried it on our OnePlus5, but we did not pay attention to each other’s intervals. It is said that Android users only need to worry about it, because iOS users are not upset with this issue. At least we have not come across any such reports from iOS users at press time.

By saying this, Whatsapp is not the only app that has crashed with this black dot message. Some users are reporting on Reddit that apps other than Whatsapp are crashing while touching the blank after the black dot in the message.

If you get this message then it is better that you stay away from touching it and remove it. But, if you want to introduce your friends and cousins, then go ahead and move them forward and make sure they touch the empty space.

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